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Canterbury Cathedral Archives

VC 1A/8 Resignations 1633–8
DCb/Z.3.5 Liber cleri 1540
DCb/Z.3.5 Liber cleri 1541
DCb/Z.3.6 Liber cleri 1555
DCb/Z.3.10, part 3 Liber cleri 1569
DCb/X.8.6 Liber cleri for exempt parishes 1577
DCb/Z.7.1 Liber cleri 1577
DCb/Z.3.12 Liber cleri 1584
DCb/Z.2 Liber cleri 1592
DCb/V/V/5 Liber cleri 1596
DCb/Z.7.3 Liber cleri for exempt parishes 1599
DCb/V/V/9 Liber cleri 1603
DCb/V/V/11a Liber cleri for exempt parishes 1605
DCb/V/V/13 Liber cleri 1607
DCb/V/V/20 Liber cleri 1612
DCb/V/V/32 Liber cleri 1622
DCb/V/V/39 Liber cleri 1628
DCb/V/V/45 Liber cleri 1634
DCb/V/V/48 Liber cleri 1637
DCb/V/V/55 Liber cleri 1642

Lambeth Palace Library, London

Cranmer Register Register of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer 1533–53

Extracted from 1 January 1540.

Pole Register Register of Archbishop Reginald Pole 1556–8
Parker Register Registers of Archbishop Mathew Parker 2 vols, 1559–76

Includes vacancy register 1575–6.

Grindal Register Registers of Archbishop Edmund Grindal 2 vols, 1576–83

Includes vacancy register 1583.

Whitgift Register Registers of Archbishop John Whitgift 3 vols, 1583–1604

Includes vacancy register 1604.

Bancroft Register Register of Archbishop Richard Bancroft 1604–11

Includes vacancy register 1610–11.

Abbot Register Registers of Archbishop George Abbot 3 vols, 1611–33

Includes vacancy register 1633.

Laud Register Registers of Archbishop William Laud 2 vols, 1633–42

Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

MS 97, fo. 97r Archbishop Parker’s survey of Canterbury diocese 1561–2

The National Archives, Kew

PRO, E331 Canterbury/10–12 Returns to the First Fruits Office, 1638–50

Printed sources

Canterbury Sede Vacante Kent Records. Calendar of Institutions by the Chapter of Canterbury sede vacante, ed. C. E. Woodruff and I. J. Churchill (1924)
Canterbury Licences (General) 1568–1646, ed. A. J. Willis (1972)

Calendar extracted from Canterbury Cathedral Archives, DCb/L/R/1–17.